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Monday, May 14, 2018

Krasinski Creates A Quiet Place And A Non Safe Space

John Krasinski’s newest film, A Quiet Place, is performing well at the box office.
Krasinski will always be first in my mind for his work on The Office, funny man.

So, to read that he has a horror movie now? Whoda thunk it? May be worth a watch though.

But A Quiet Place shows that movies about the reality we all share and observe, not just movies about the left’s preferred conception of a reality which has never existed, can still be made, and made well, in Hollywood.  And despite Kimmel’s silly quip, I believe that Hollywood still likes money enough to keep making them for us from time to time, however accidental the more conservative messaging within them might be.
 If it entertains, hoorah! If it spurs distrust among the Hollywood elite; then it is a patriotic gift.

Introducing The World's Tallest Windmill, or Duck Duck

GE describes the capacity of the Haliade-X:
One Haliade-X 12 MW can generate enough clean power to supply 16,000 European households according to wind conditions on a typical German North Sea site. Based on a 750 MW windfarm and an estimated AEP, the Haliade-X 12 MW could produce enough power for up to 1 million households.
At 12 MW apiece, it would take 63 of these monsters to constitute a 750 MW wind farm. How they would be placed in the ocean, I don’t know. If it happens, it will be an engineering marvel. I suppose they would need to put lights on the rotors to warn low-flying aircraft, but that won’t help the sea birds. And even if someone installs 63 of these beasts in the North Sea, it won’t permit retirement of any conventional power plants, since the wind turbines will be useless whenever the wind doesn’t blow, or blows too hard. This is the kind of crazy project that can be explained only by the existence of massive subsidies for government cronies.
Wind, as well as solar work to produce electricity. Some of the time. Among the pitfalls of the technology though is the lack of constant production, the lack of consistent/reliable production, and the existence of electricity storage which would overcome the production vagaries.

Perhaps, we will one day see these technologies flourish, at this time I find it more likely that people will accept having electricity only when the sun shines or the wind blows, (mildly not too hard).

When speaking of wind generation, it is always mandatory to note the fan blades kill birds and insects.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Replication of Results Is The Benchmark of Good Science

The Scientific Method is the formula which guides the reasoned investigation of our world. A lynch pin construct of the Method is that research is verifiable and repeatable. In other words, if your claim of achieved result can not be replicated, it can not be trusted to be a fact.

Those thoughts were brought to mind by the notice of an article about Nature magazine and its assertion that it wishes to publish replications.

Nature says it wants to publish replication attempts. So what happened when a group of authors submitted one to Nature Neuroscience?

 That retractionwatch.com article makes it seem the magazine was less than sincere in their interest in publishing such:

People often ask why our replication study was not published in Nature Neuroscience, especially in light of its recent public commitments to replication research (here and here). It certainly wasn’t for our lack of trying. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Aatsista-Mahkan or Running Rabbit

Chief of the Biters band

During the autumn of 1871, chief Many Swans, the chief of the Biters band of the Siksika nation and brother of Running Rabbit, died resulting in Running Rabbit being appointed as chief of the biters. During his career as a band chief he was noted for his kindness, generosity and intelligence.
When Running Rabbit was among his band, his men were invited to eat, smoke, tell stories every day. He was generous. He gave his running horses out during hunts. Running Rabbit had four wives; two put up Sun Dances. He was kind to children and women.
— -Descendent of Running Rabbit
Chief Running Rabbit
Due to his intelligence and kindness, Running Rabbit was often looked upon to settle disputes within the band and nation.

Other sources for information about Running Rabbit include those found on this link: Search Results Running Rabbit Indian Chief

Rebel Wisdon Documents The Thinker Known As Jordan Peterson

Thursday, May 3, 2018

From National Geographic.
The eye-popping artifacts, unveiled on Wednesday in Nature, were abandoned on a river floodplain on the island of Luzon beside the butchered carcass of a rhinoceros. The ancient toolmakers were clearly angling for a meal. Two of the rhino's limb bones are smashed in, as if someone was trying to harvest and eat the marrow inside. Cut marks left behind by stone blades crisscross the rhino's ribs and ankle, a clear sign that someone used tools to strip the carcass of meat.
But the age of the remains makes them especially remarkable: The carved bones are most likely between 631,000 and 777,000 years old, with researchers' best estimate coming in around 709,000 years old. The research—partially funded by the National Geographic Society—pushes back occupation of the Philippines to before the known origin of our species, Homo sapiens. The next-earliest evidence of Philippine hominins comes from Luzon's Callao Cave, in the form of a 67,000-year-old foot bone.

Anthropology, how can you ever get enough? If you agree, or, if like me, you have a casual but persistent interest in the subject; you need to meet John Hawks.net.

Another advance made in understanding the formation of the Universe

 Computer models are only as accurate as the parameters which control their results. Once this was referred to as , "garbage in, garbage out". These days it is called Climate Change. Though, to be honest, that psuedo science could more rightly be designated by the similar phrase, "garbage in, gospel out".

Getting back to the topic of this post, it is amazing how much we don't yet know. Keeping an open and inquiring mind is the only way to live. Now, that is gospel.

The crash they witnessed is an early formation stage for the largest type of structure in the known universe, and the recent findings suggest that the process took significantly less time than computer models have suggested. In addition, the abundance of dusty star-forming areas in this collision raises questions about how galaxies evolve.

"How this assembly of galaxies got so big, so fast is a mystery," Tim Miller, a doctoral candidate at Yale University and lead author of one of the papers, said in the statement. "It wasn't built up gradually over billions of years, as astronomers might expect. This discovery provides a great opportunity to study how massive galaxies came together to build enormous galaxy clusters."