"" Running Rabbit: April 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Suggestion For Obama

Mr. President, we all know how dependent you have become on using a teleprompter at your speeches, (so much so that at times it seems to be a mechanical Edgar Bergen to your Charlie McCarthy, and a good one, I never see its lips move.), but it occurs to me that what your stand-up act lacks is a laugh track. This devise, so commonly used on poor sitcoms, would serve a dual purpose; it would distinguish your actual jokes from your other ridiculous statements, and it would serve as a model for your audience of the appropriate reaction to a joke, laughter. So many times now it seems we can't tell when you are kidding; even your personal attacks on your critics seem less humor and more rabble rousing for political gain. Plus, laughter is a healthier reaction than the hateful responses your jokes currently evoke from the crowds you draw; boos and sneers, "F'em"s, "drop dead"s and rising blood pressure just don't say funny man up there. An additional benefit, you don't even need to begin being funny, the laugh track says you already are so your rating will soar, and civility will increase, (if that matters to you, you decide).

So that is my case made plainly. A laugh track would provide clarity, leadership and will bring popularity. And, proof that you are funny would look good on your resume as you apply for that new career you desire after 2012.

[Cue laugh track here to inform audience of proper response to the last sentence]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disgraced Former President Bill Clinton At It Again

Wm. Clinton has a problem with the truth, it gets in the way of the fantasy life he wants to live.

His history with lying is well documented, and his latest tall tale has to do with trashing the reputation of good people wanting only to have a voice in their country's direction. In this most recent diversion form reality Clinton compares the Tea Party goers to Timothy McVeigh the insane bomber of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. Clinton leads us astray with his recreation of the that story, blaming McVeigh's actions on inflammatory words he imagines were spoken but somebody he, Clinton, does not like. The truth but the blame on Clinton's shoulders. Rush Limbaugh says it succinctly.

"I have asked President Clinton and President Obama: Please show me the words that caused Timothy McVeigh to go bonkers. There were no words! McVeigh went bonkers over Waco." -Rush Limbaugh

Waco, of course, is the sight of the Branch Davidian Compound which Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno were assaulting at the time it burnt to the ground with all occupants dying in the blaze. It was that incident which inspired McVeigh to strike back at a government he saw as unjust. That Clinton can not hold that concept in his head within context makes one wonder why he feels such guilt over that incident?

Remaining Space Shuttle Launches

Nasa Shuttle Launch Schedule

Only three launches remain before they scrap the Space Shuttle program. Though I've lived here in Florida throughout the programs flight history, and in spite of three trips to witness the very first launch, I have never seen one of these babies go up from anywhere closer than Naples, Fl., some 240 miles southwest of Cape Canaveral.

Thanks to my ex-brother-in-law Don French I did see the vehicle sitting on its launch pad awaiting the first attempt to launch. A friend of a friend of Donnie's got us onto the Air Force base, some seven miles away but in full view of everything, and I still have slides of the vehicle and the vehicle assembly building, (If I ever get them converted to digital I will post them here.) and the countdown got to within minutes of ignition before it was scrubbed. Safety first, and it was a brand new system. The second time we went to a nearby park on the beach and again it was scrubbed. My third trip to view the launch I was the victim of Donnie's birthday celebration the night before and when it launched we were still sleeping and arose only because his home in Melbourne was shaking like crazy. We, incorrectly, decided we were too far away to see it from his yard and instead of going out into the bright morning light we watched it on television. I need to make up for that error in judgment.

I have heard the double sonic booms as the shuttle returns. I have watched it go up several times as viewed from here in Naples, including the Challenger explosion which was easily seen from here with its large cloud of gases from the explosion itself and the trails of the twin rocket boosters continuing on after the force of the blast freed them from the vehicle and the fuel cell. That was clearly one of the worst sights I have ever seen.

The schedule shows the three planned dates as May 14th, July 29th, and September 16th. I want to be there for at least one of those launches.

On Growing Horseradish

I treated myself to a dinner out on Sunday. A local place does prime rib on that night, and they do an excellent job with it. I asked for extra horseradish and got to wondering if that plant would grow here in Florida; everything else does. One of my dinner companions mentioned that he grows it in Toronto, and while he couldn't say if it would grow here, he was able to give me a heads up that once you start it is very hard to get rid of it. That point was reinforced by the following paragraph from a web site i found on Google, Eagle Heights Community Garden.

It is possible to dig out a patch of established horseradish, and at least one person has actually succeeded in doing that. It can take a couple years before it is all gone. There is a type of caterpillar that can be introduced to remove an entire horseradish patch in a matter of days. This particular caterpillar is yellow, very large, and runs on gasoline. It should only be used as a weapon of last resort, because the treads may crush your other vegetables or those of your gardening neighbors.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fact Checking Saves Embarrassment

I just forwarded an email and had it sent back with a link to Snopes.com correcting the location of the fancy prison depicted. This isn't the first time this fellow, Steve, has caught me sending along something without first fact checking it. Note to self, take the time to do it right from now. Take nothing on its face, check for myself that it is accurate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiger's Return

IS goes without saying that Tiger Woods is obsessed with breaking all the golf records, but especially the one held by Jack Nicklaus for most Majors won. With that in mind, it is not hard to understand why he chose to make his return to professional golf at the Masters, the first of the four Major tournaments held each year. By the way, golf wanted him back too, it seems the fans wanted him back too.

The latest report has it that his wife doesn't want him back, and I suspect the knowledge that in spite of his efforts to appear remorseful he wasn't going to manage to save his marriage freed him to turn his attention back to his career. How long before he returns to having a girlfriend at every tournament?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

VDH On Obama's Foreigh Policy vis a vis His Domestic Alienation

If only Obama treated Iran or Syria as he does Bush, Sarah Palin, and the top 10 percent of American taxpayers.”

A carrot to- Instapundit

TEA Party Reporters Needed

If you are planning to attend a TEA Party consider becoming a reporter for PJTV. They want as many people as possible to video, record and otherwise report what actually happens at the grassroots rally s. They publish videos on Tea Party TV.

Citizen Reporter sign up form.

Warning- Web Of Trust Pans the Crash The Tea Party.Org Site

Web Of Trust is an add-on program to the browser I use. Its purpose is to alert the user to the reputation of the various web sites one might visit. Avoiding sites with unfavorable reputations will enhance security.


It doesn't surprise me that the above site has a very poor rating, its creators are a bunch of anti-American nimrods bent on promoting propaganda and stifling free speech. These are the folks who are heavily promoting the idea of infiltrating a TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party rally and presenting themselves as TEA Party goers while acting racist, homophobic, violent or whatever trumped up accusation they wish the public to hold about these citizens (including myself this coming Thursday). That these same nimrods would also seek to infect ours computers is right in character for a bunch of phonies who would attempt to misinform the general public.

Also, Tiger Hawk is over-thinking the matter, whatever their affiliation or motive, the individuals who act out are the ones who should be called to task, not the group, the individuals, by name, are the ones to blame and they should be held to account.

For now we need only to find the names of those who created that malicious web site which advocates slander and hold them accountable; when identified, I say we send them to Gitmo, and leave them there even if the President closes the prison. But, I'd settle for putting them in a domestic prison, anywhere, just so they are no longer free to to do their evil pranks.

And, next we need to identify an infiltrators, (or, for that matter anyone who acts badly) and punish them. Punish the offenders, not the group.

Update: via TigerHawk comments- The FreeRepublic has identified the creator of that malicious website as Jason Levin.

Arrest this man for hate crimes!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The missing link?

It was the Fab Four's fate.

Brewer messing with Danish workers beer quota.

Animals which live without oxygen.

Chef Jamie's Mission

TV celebrity cook Jamie Oliver is on a mission to improve the foods people eat. Teaching folks to get back to cooking at home, and an attempt to get schools to serve better food to the kids put him in the category of someone who is doing rather than just talking. Keep it up Jamie!

It is clear Oliver is passionate about cooking and getting people to make healthy choices. With the compelling Ministry of Food series and the accompanying book full of easy-to-learn crative recipes, his food revolution has the ability to change the attitudes and kitchens of a great number of people.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010