"" Running Rabbit: October 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Krauthammer on The White House's War On Fox News

The "post-partisan" President makes an enemies list.

Rahm Emanuel once sent a dead fish to a live pollster. Now he's put a horse's head in Roger Ailes's bed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Andy Rooney Game

A poster at YouTube has developed a new game, take video of Andy Rooney and remove everything except the first and last sentence. Like this:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 99th Birthday John Wooden

Born October 14, 1910

The Wizard of Westwood. The kid from Indiana who became All-American at Purdue and later turned UCLA into the power in college basketball. A man known for his common sense and his teaching skills.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

And for all that others might say about him, he is best revealed, and we are most rewarded, by hearing what he says; his official site.

Monday, October 12, 2009


"If I had said what they say I said about slavery, I would be gone. Snerdley would have resigned on the spot. It's an outrageous slander. One of the things that I am proudest of this country is that we went to war with ourselves to end slavery. There is nobody I know in the whole population of this country who wishes to revive it or who defends it." -Rush

"If I'm controversial, it's because I say things everybody thinks but doesn't have the
guts to say. Political correctness is like a vise grip around all our throats." -Rush

"Rev. Sharpton wants to meet with the NFL commissioner to oppose my buying the Rams. This saddens and disappoints me. I know Sharpton. He's better than this. You know, I believe in freedom and second chances. I don't discriminate. I didn't judge his fitness to be in radio when he wanted to earn an honest living for once, given his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax." -Rush

Webb and Gannon School Troubled Young Man

Just the facts, man! From now on, remember, we want just the facts!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize Committee Reforms To Compete With The Onion

The Onion news.

The Nobel news.

It remains unclear as to why the Committee decided to tack further toward the comic, but speculation includes their obvious lack of television rating as compared to Comedy Central as a primary motivator. John Stewart is expected to issue a statement on the matter later today.

In other news, North Korea and Iran continue efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, radical Islamists continue efforts to destroy Israel, the United States, and all other free nations, while subversive elements within free countries march onward toward the development of facism as a replacement for free will. Truth and historical fact remain on defense. While narcissism and irrational expectations are feeling just fine about themselves, thank you. Oh, and this just in, "Francisco Franco is still dead". "Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Memphis Dues

A $10 fee for a panhandler's license has gone into effect in Memphis, Tennessee. Hardly a sign of the apocalypse, and a nominal amount too, not having a permit is a misdemeanor.

Panhandling is the solicitation of any item of value, monetary or otherwise, made by a person, other than an exempt organization, acting on his/her own behalf, requesting an immediate donation of money or exchange of any services; or any person, acting on his/her own behalf, attempting to sell an item for an amount far exceeding its value, or an item which already offered free-of-charge to the general public, and under circumstances a reasonable person would understand that the purchase is in substance a donation.

Though, as we would expect in these times, there are those that think this a great imposition, it seems like a common sense way to regulate this activity. Any other legitimate business has an obligation to announce its presence and the identity of its principle operators, (I do in two counties here in Florida), so, why not this one too.

Any person panhandling within the below described geographical or restricted areas shall be required to have a permit, as issued by the city treasurer, or his designee, in his/her possession at all times, subject to exhibition on demand by any person, and shall be subject to conditions as set out in the following paragraphs (d), (e), (f), (g), (h) and (i).

That'll Be The Day

Wish I believed it was dead.

Give me a country where I am free to not have health insurance, or give me death.

When Lactose Attacks

No bull!

A Carrot to: Dust My Broom

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Roman Freak, Polanski's Crimes Diminished By The Careless And Undisciplined Left

Polanski, the name first gathered meaning for me not for the famed movie director's professional work, but for the terrible crime committed against his young, and pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, at the evil hands of the Manson Family. Murder, and that understates the atrocities of that deranged cult, and so senseless. Why, we asked? What a shame! What a waste!

In the aftermath of that horrific crime I felt sympathy for Mr. Polanski. I saw him as a tragic figure, a victim too, just as surely as Jackie Kennedy was after that day in Dallas. Poor man, we empathized. He must be suffering so, I thought. All of that good will undermined when he raped a thirteen year old year girl eight years later.

I'm not the naive youth I was once was, so it comes as no surprise that there are those that now defend, or at the least diminish Mr. Polanski's crimes. Their discount of this pedophile's rape of a thirteen year old girl,

There is, apparently, more to this crime than it would seem, and it may sound like a hollow defense, but in Hollywood I am not sure a 13-year-old is really a 13-year-old.-Tom Shales, a Hollywood movie critic.

is appalling, even if it isn't a surprise, and yes it is hollow. A position such as Mr. Shales emotes above isn't from a place of sympathy for Polanski, it comes from indifference and ignorance. TommyBoy doesn't bother to wonder how it came to be that thirteen-year-olds in Hollywood are open to being abused; take a hint Tommy, it is because of pedos like Roman Polanski that kids are, (what term would he understand, maybe he would say?) , growing up too fast! Polanski was not the victim of an early teen-aged siren calling him to his demise, he was/is a predator who drugged and raped a child!

And, he is also unrepentant, a fugitive from justice who likely raped many more girls during his illegal freedom. Pedophiles don't change, they find their next victim; isn't that what we have heard time and again as this nation's children are abused? Ironically, this so-called great artist, (er, bullshit artist, freak, scumbag), has done less to promote the betterment of humanity than has his wife's killer in the last forty years. She died in prison while trying to atone for her misdeeds. Mr. Polanski should now meet the same fate, death while in prison (he is now in his 70's, do the math, if he gets the proper sentence). But if that happens, will he be rewarded while there with the courage to admit his wrong, the integrity to show remorse, and, the humanity and selflessness to atone for his acts in the manner that Susan Atkins chose; will he work to prevent the crimes he committed from happening in the future? I doubt he will, poor man.

Shroud Of Turin Reproduced?

That is what one man says he did.

A carrot to ArcheoBlog for the tip.

A mystic entity calling himself "Dan" has submitted additional miraculous images created by the hand of man, or were they?.

Obama's Bill

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lobster- Low In Cholesterol

No news here, just a reminder to myself. I was part of a discussion the other day wherein Jay made the claim that Lobster was insanely high in the worst kind of cholesterol. Well, according to every source I have found, nurse Jay is wrong.

Shrimp is the worst of the shellfish. Scallops the best. Lobster has less cholesterol than a hamburger.

Shellfish & Cholesterol
Cholesterol In Seafoods
North Country Seafood
Choose Lobster

Singularity, friend or foe?

Singularity is one of those words I come across and wonder its meaning. So, I looked it up today.

And, lo and behold it isn't descriptive of my social life for the last two decades; who knew? In fact, while staying single may have been one of the smart things I have done lately, it doesn't reflect superhuman intelligence. And that, superhuman intelligence, is at the heart of the concept of Singularity.

My small brain understands it to be a predicted point in time when artificial intelligence (computers, and such) become smarter than humans. And, the study of Singularity comprises the potential for such occurrence and speculation as to the consequences of such actually happening. And now my head hurts. Not that I don't think it is an important discussion, I am not trying to be snarky, it is just one of those topics that needs group discussion. What's the use in developing brilliant insights if there is nobody to share them. Of course, the folks gathering for the annual Singularity Summit understand.

I do wonder though; when smarter than human intelligence is achieved, who will be the smart ass who recognizes its existence? And, how do we know it isn't already here?

Oldest Civil War monument

Kentucky claims the oldest Civil War Monument, carved by a soldier after the Battle of Rowlett's Station to commemorate fallen Union soldiers.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



John Hawkes has an extensive FAQ up for those curious about the 4.4 million year old hominid skeleton found in Africa.

He also tells us that the Discovery Channel will air a documentary on the find on October 11 9PM (et/pt).

Thursday, October 1, 2009