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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Clavenated

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Twist On The "You Might Be...." Routine

Don't Tread On Me says....

Never Forget The Six Days War Either

So-called U.S. President Obama has taken it upon himself to dictate the American view that Israel should give up the buffer lands it kept after it repelled the aggressor in 1968. That his opinion is not that of the Americans as a people, nor the death sentence that his dictate would place upon Israel and its citizens are both concepts the Great Ob was unable to grasp. Netanyahu did his best to educate the Great Ob; this corespondent doubts the lesson will take root.

Memories fade, so it is just plain necessary to look at what was actually said when the Six Days War happened:

He was answered by the Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban [his speech is here], whose detailed documentation and eloquence told how the Arabs had given his country the choice of defending its national existence or forfeiting it for all time. Then he put Kosygin himself in the defendant’s dock. Russia, he charged, was guilty of inflaming passions in a region “already too hot with tension” by feeding the arms race and spreading false propaganda. He called Kosygin’s reference to the Nazis “an obscene comparison . . . a flagrant breach of international morality and human decency.” As for the Russian demand that Israel pull back to her prewar lines, that, he said, was totally unacceptable until durable and just solutions are reached “in free negotiations with each of our neighbors.” The Arab states “have come face to face with us in conflict; let them now come face to face with us in peace.” Israel was determined not be deprived of her victory.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Myth Busting Malcolm X

Well, here's a real shocker, X's autobiography does not stand up to the truth!

That “autobiography,” as David Remnick makes clear in a review in The New Yorker, consisted in large part of Malcolm Little making up tall tales about his life while being egged on by the sensationalist writer Alex Haley, whose later book Roots would also turn out to be mostly fictitious (and partly plagiarized). Haley, says Marable, wanted to write “a potboiler that would sell,” facts be damned.

Another author has a new book out which puts reality into the Gandhi story too.

Two more added to the future reading list:

Malcolm X: A Life Of Reinvention

Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pictures, Smictures; Shut Up And Kick Butt

Mark Steyn remembers Osama believing,
Bin Laden famously said that when people see a strong horse and a weak horse they naturally prefer the strong horse. Putting a bullet through his eye is a good way of letting him know which role he's consigned to.

True, Osama knew, for a brief time, which role he was to play now. Now, we must not squander the message. For, though Bin Laden got the message, only when others know that the same justice will come their way will they be motivated to suspend perpetrating evil. And, many, if not most, will never get the message until they are in front of the American bullet too. What motivational value the killing of Bin Laden could bring will be wasted if we are not resolved to repeat it now against the others of his kind. Squabbling amongst ourselves, and acting weak in the aftermath of eliminating Osama sends the wrong follow-up message.

To our friends we can say, sorry to irritate your sensibilities with our forceful methods and speech, please remember that our ill manners will end when we have put our enemies out of business. Friends, remember, it is not our preference to be put in an existential conflict; but for the benefit of you, and me, we must do this work, distasteful though it may be. And, our kind friends would surely understand, knowing our true nature, that we are telling the truth and that it is the right and just way. And, the only effective way to resolve a conflict too big to lose.

And, we would know that once we the doers were done with the enemy we will find peace from and among their friends. For our friends would understand the temporary nature of our the discordant response we must provide. Our friends would not offer impractical alternatives or debate in place of action against a foe determined to do in us and our friends. And, once our work is done, our friends would not wish to prolong the restlessness forced upon us by exacerbating our burden with mockery or contemptuous rhetoric. At least we will have that going for us as we live with what we have to do. Our friends will understand and provide silent support.

A decade on, our troops are running around Afghanistan "winning hearts and minds" and getting gunned down by the very policemen and soldiers they've spent years training. Back on the home front, every small-town airport has at least a dozen crack TSA operatives sniffing round the panties of grade-schoolers. Meanwhile, at the UN, the EU, at the Organization of the Islamic Conference, in the "Facebook revolutions" of "the Arab spring," the Islamization of the world proceeds: Millions of Muslims support bin Laden's goal – the submission of the Western world to Islam – but, unlike him, understand that flying planes into buildings is entirely unnecessary to achieving it. Will being high-flying Jetsons with state-of-the-art gizmos prove sufficient in a Flintstonizing world? The Pakistanis are pretty sure they know the answer to that.

Breitbart Is A Fresh Breathe Of O2

Andrew interviewed by CBS.