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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fort Hood: The Day Political Correctness Killed

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the shooter murderer at Fort Hood, Texas was an Islamic extremist. And, he is proof that they don't have to be Al Queda to carry the hate of their disease against good people. Radical Islam is not a religion, it is a cult of control. Control over it's practitioners, with the goal of every person becoming a practitioner and controlled. The code of radical Islam allows for no tolerance of other's beliefs, experience is telling us that truth. And while our acceptance and tolerance of Muslims must not end, it can not be allowed to supersede good sense. Not every Muslim has nefarious motives, true, some are just people using the only way they know to get by in this life. Good sense tells us when we meet the others, those that have bad intent, those that have adopted the a stance of superiority and malevolence. We know them from their attitude, their words, their reasoning. And, especially we know them from their rank of allegiance. This murderer in Texas, for example, it is now said that he had professed that his allegiance to Islam was greater than his allegiance to the United States of America; that was a certain sign that he had his priorities wrong. Wrong for this life anyway. And while this is a temporal fault not exclusive to any one religion, believers in other faiths also make the same temporal mistake, when it is a Muslim making the choice he must be considered dangerous, radical, until proven otherwise. For dying, and killing others are fundamental tenets of radical Islam, taking away a life is the ultimate show of control for them. These are small people and must be treated as evil, and they must be brought under our control. The Bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you; these radical Islamists seek control and therefore are begging us to control them. We must not shrink from this request. Control takes many forms, and all must be on the table in this fight. Standing up and pronouncing the truth about these deviants is one form, denial is not a river we can travel and survive. But is only a start and must be reinforced at every instance where radical Islam springs forth. Political correctness is a suicide pact in this matter, it is weak and ineffective in the face of an existential threat. In my daily life I vow to confront this evil directly, firmly, and without reservation every single time I meet it. PC be damned. There were many signs this man was on the path to be a danger, PC kept him in the fold, this must never happen again. PC be damned. Radical Islam is a cult of malice, and there is no place is this world for their philosophy! Anyone who pronounces that Islam is greater than other religions is announcing a threat. Anyone that holds allegiance first to Islam before adherence to the American system and its laws is announcing a threat. Anyone who promotes the idea of Islamic law as a guiding set of tenets is announcing a threat. I will not be threatened without delivering retaliation. That is not a threat, it is a promise. No more, never again. PC kills! PC be damned!

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