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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time For The Religion Of Peace Reformation

I have been of a mind for some time to explain the need for Islam to reform. Hardly an original idea. But, one that has not been actualized and so needs repeating. In fact, an explanation of why Islam should reform is too obvious for explanation. Its adherents are lead by its tenets to be militant and domineering. And those that wish to live as peaceful Muslims are powerless to repudiate the radical element which lives and dies with the violent side of Islam. A reformation would delineate the two groups in a way which outsiders could appreciate. It would make it possible for suspicions of all Muslims to end at the Mosque portal.

Though, it would also put the reformed adherents right in the cross hairs of the radical elements' weapons; and I mean that in a literal sense. Muslims will die if they reform the religion. Bank on it. But, don't mourn for them, it is the price they will need to pay to wrest control of their faith from those who seek to subjugate them, (and non-believers as well). A high price, but a more worthy death than comes from those who kill in the name of Islam. And, a route to Paradise with honor. Converting Islam to a practice of faith in Allah (God), and a method of association with him irrespective to the temporal is a worthy cause. If Allah (God) really wanted some people to be more special than others he could accomplish that goal on his own, right? So, the portions which dehumanize the Earth's peoples are false witness to his wishes.

So, how does one go about reforming Islam? Edit the Koran, it is that simple. Remove all passages which promote violence, take out all reference to Islam as the master religion, lighten up on the total control of adherents lives, eliminate reference to controlling non-believers (Dhimmitude), add passages which increase tolerance for women and homosexuals, abolish deceit as a holy act. And, not being THE Koran expert of experts I stop my list here. But, I make no representation that these are the only changes needed. Change of leadership is clearly needed, and whether that means different people or just education for existing Imams is an open question. For there to be a religion of peace developed out of Islam there need to be massive changes and a well defined difference between the reformed and the archaic will be clear to all. The archaic will need to be made extinct, of course, for they and people dedicated to peace can never coexist. Voluntary extinction suits me, just as long as that means conversion and not suicide murder. But, one way or another the evil in the Koran must go and those who adhere to those ideals must go as well.

Muhammad was a man not a deity, and God (Allah) spoke to him; it can happen again. In my way of believing it happens to me continually; it is up to me to listen. Sometimes God speaks to me through others, I suggest that approach for he who reforms Islam; listen, and learn.

Remember, the higher powers exist without man's consent. So, whether you call the higher power, God, nature, science, or whatever; it existed before you did, and will be there when you are gone. Religion, however, is a man-made entity, even if you believe it was created at the direction of God. Man can change religion, that is within man's power. And, there is no time like the present to make use of that power.

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