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Monday, December 7, 2015

Those Who Join ISIS Believe They Are Acting In Islam

Our Democratic/progressive sperior beings are continuing to spout off about how calling it radical islam is the same as making war against all Muslims. Not true, but it is impossible to get them off a meme once they find one they can believe stalemates the true enemies of America; conservatives/Republicans.

So, only for the record, and without any hope it will change minds, let us state a fact. Those who join ISIS are fighting in the name of Islam. The killers believe they are Muslim. The killers believe their fight is Islamic.

Yet, instead of joining the fight against ISIS our Democratic/progressive superiors continue to tell us what we can not do, and they continue to more likely join ISIS than to join with their fellow Americans if those fellow Americans happen to be conservatives/Republicans.

Soon the Democratic/progressives will be telling us that sharia law is necessary in the ol' USA in order to preserve the American way.

Moderate Muslims are helpless within their own countries against the onslaught from radical islam. The tenets of the religion are used to recruit killers and those killers are used to dominate the population of peace-loving Muslims. Adherence to the radical view is demanded on threat of death. If you want to help moderate Muslims then speak directly against the version of Islam used by the terrorist elements of the religion.

Start in the ol' USA by outlawing Sharia law, or any other religious tenets of Islam which violate our standards of freedom. Do it today. Do it directly toward Sharia, which means doing toward Islam, (think of it as banning yelling fire in a crowded theater, free speech ends where harm to others begins, the same for freedom of religion. right?). Do it in writing. Speak out against it at every turn. Stand up. Act like you care, not like CAIR.

The bottom line, the facts on the ground, the suppressed truth; radical islam is a real thing, those who fight in its cause know why they are fighting. Excusing their affiliation is a corruption of the religion, is dishonest, and does no good.  Such excuses ignore the actual motivation, (it is not what the Democrats/progressives keep telling us), and such excuses make it harder for moderate Muslims to defend themselves.

Islam needs a reformation. That reformation must come from within the religion. It is neither the place of the United States government, (separation of Church and State), nor an effective defense of the American people for our government to attempt such reformation or to impede its actualization by denying the problem. Yet, our government denies the problem and directs blame at us instead of keeping the focus where it belongs, on Islam and its infantile development within the community of man.

We need to take the fight to the radical elements of Islam, radical islam, on the battlefield, in the arena of ideas, at the doors of moderate Muslims who seek a life well lived in their homelands, in favor of any who seek to allow Islam to grow up.  The easiest step should be here at home and consists of making it perfectly clear that the radical ideas within Islam which cause so much homicidal confusion in the minds of their masses are not allowed within our Republic. Those elements of Islam violate so many of our creator-granted Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ignoring those elements does not protect us, does not make us liked by the enemy, does not advance progress among Muslims and within Islam. Defend the Bill of Rights by denouncing all tenets of Islam which are in contradiction to those freedoms each of us own at birth.

If you are for women's rights, you have to be against tenets of Islam. If you enjoy freedom of expression, you have to be against tenets of Islam. If you believe in separation of Church and State, you have to be against tenets of Islam. If you really want to live a good life, or, perhaps any kind of life, you have to be against tenets of Islam which are inspiring these killers and threatening to wipe all other cultures out of existence. The promise of a flourishing radical islam is that each of us who is striving for a good life is on the endangered species list. Stand up. Speak up. Hashtag end Sharia in the USA. Do it today. Do it legally. Do it clearly and permanently. Do it while you can.

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