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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Society Is Not Ready To Act Fair In The Aftermath Of Removing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

It started to become clear to me as I read the comments associated with an article about murder in Louisville, Kentucky. The gist of the story is that a gay man confessed to police that his estranged lover had killed a third gay man and buried him in the basement after the three of them had sex. The two that remain alive have a history of crime.

The comments that resulted from that article were peppered with apologies for gayness.

The only reason this paper is making such a big deal out of this issue is the alternative lifestyle of those involved. Theres (sic) no crime in being gay! The bashing aimed at us is not fair! Stop it!!!

Gay bashing is pretty awful, granted. To separate out gays from the rest of our population is ignorant and cruel,..........

Wow...some real ignorance in these forums (as usual - this post is just one of many). An "alternative lifestyle?" I hope you're referring to the drug lifestyle. Being gay is not a lifestyle any more than being straight is. One's sexuality is only one part of a person's life.

If you actually believe that foolishness, chances are you are a bigot.

I'd bet it has more to do with being a meth head

Is it only perverted group sex because they're gay? This seems to be mostly about drugs and drug money, not sex. I'm sure that all sorts of variations of sex happen on a regular basis between all sorts of combinations of people and nothing this crazy comes out of it.


That gayness is protected in the politically correct segments of our culture is well understood.

Public universities seems to be in a rush to embrace alternative lifestyles and consequently seem to hire more than their fair share of outright freaks and criminals.

Doesn't matter what horrible crime they commited. If they are gay and you say anything then you are a bigot. It is the world we live in now. Special treatment for some.

Are you serious? A body buried in the basement for six months, murder, drug use - none of this would be news if these guys weren't gay? The fact they are gay just adds another element to this bizarre story.

The usual annoying rehash of the two side's positions in the snafu that is the homosexual debate. Though, to make an earnest parallel to the gayness apologists I should cite those who found humor in the situation, they are the ones who truly bring truth to the matter with brevity.

One of them was the instigator and the other one just got sucked into it.

This takes stabbing you in the back to a whole new level.

You only hurt the ones you love . . . to death. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Again we understand the old adage, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"


Arrested Thursday night? Darn, that means they had to miss the parade.

What's this world coming to when you can't even trust your boyfiend with your deepest, darkest secrets?

Maybe they will try the "three's a crowd" defense.

Sounds like somebody must have get rubbed the wrong way!

Out of the closet and into the tub.

Sure they are dark, and insensitive, but so is murder. If you can't take the line, don't do the crime!

And, after seeing the number of comments that were deleted by the newspaper I have to say to them, stop trampling on our First Amendment rights!

I feel especially victimized in this regard, I posted a comment which was removed so completely that it doesn't even have the "comment has been removed for violating the terms of service" tag that appears throughout the list of comments. I really got under somebody's skin;, which is a particularly uncomfortable way for me to put it since I can only assume that the editor who took down my remarks is gay, yuck! Why else would a common sense analysis which contained no personal attacks, or even a bias against being gay.

My remarks simply stated the case that we are not ready to allow gays to serve openly in the military because we are not capable, as a society, of judging when someone is discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Further, we face the same situation when religion is in the mix, and I cited the case of Nidal Hasan at Ft. Hood as evidence. Hasan went unchallenged, in spite of multiple people feeling he was not right, because of his Muslim religion; folks were afraid to offend. The same thing happens with gays, often we are encouraged to treat them as saints as a way of counteracting a perceived bias against them even though there is other cause for concern, it is assumed that it is always a discrimination when it may be a healthy survival reaction. Until, and unless, we can see a person's negative reaction to another person for what it truly is, be that irrational hate or well founded fear; we are not ready to accept the openness that gays demand. Not in society at large, especially not in the military where trust in your fellow soldier is a life or death matter.

My response was, this response, was initiated by a 'straight's kill too' remark posted to the article. That post and my reply follow:

Replying to GtownGuy:

About a year ago I met a really creepy straight guy who was nice-enough looking. But something about him made the hairs on my neck stand up & shiver. Tommy & his girlfriend were being evicted from their rental home, so a gay friend of their gay nextdoor neighbor took them into his South End home. Hey - the straight couple then MURDERED their gay benefactor. Trial coming up.

To which I said;
Wonder what point you think you are making?

Sounds to me as if someone dropped the ball and let their friends take in a creepy guy. I hope someone will think twice next time and act to warn the community about the danger someone sensed.

Now, it isn't clear to me that all fear of homosexuals is irrational, or even unnatural (for avoidance of homosexuality may be a biological imperative as much a part of a straight person as is the claim by homosexuals that they are born that way), but, it is clear to me that we can not now discern between bias, rational/irrational or natural/unnatural, in a quantifiable way and that until we can measure it precisely we can not judge when it is well placed and when it is abnormal. Thus, leaving it out of the equation, to the extent that such is possible, is the best way to proceed when people's lives are at stake. This applies to other special interest groups too, following up on Hasan would have saved lives but fear of offending Muslims got in the way, same happens with race, and gender. We already know how complex it is to deal with those obvious differences, adding another protected class only creates an additional burden for our soldiers; and one they don't need in the time of war, i.e. now! Protecting our nation is not a liberal arts symposium, it is deadly serious stuff. Full attention to the task at hand may be the only way to stay alive. Wondering whether you are offending someone has to take a backseat at serious times. Second guessing is like taking a mulligan on every golf shot, it is cheating! Don't ask, don't tell; stay on message and identify yourself as your nation's best defense. Sacrificing to accommodate someone's personal life is a distraction from duty.

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