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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where Is The Assange of The Kennedy Myth

A mini series called The Kennedys has been suppressed, supposedly by members of the Kennedy family though the real culprits have made no public claim for the attack.

The significance of this event, the suppression is in the liberal left's continuing rewriting of history. President Kennedy was a fiscal conservative, solid on national defense, an opponent of communism/socialism, and a serial womanizer. The last quality being a family trait he shared with his father and brothers. And, it is the one trait I attribute to him which the Kennedy myth generators do mind being known. It is the rest they fear the public knowing, and emulating. After his brother's death Bobby Kennedy took a turn wide left, a fact not often discussed and poorly known by those who did not live through those times. In many ways JFK was an aberration among Kennedy's, but then he was in a position of ultimate responsibility and could not afford the political frivolity and public policy errors manifest in the resumes of his family members. JFK's father tried to negotiate submarine bases for the Nazis in Ireland, and FDR fired him for that blunder. Bobby got sentimental after his brother died and lost perspective as he pushed for the US to become Jimmy Carter weak a decade and a half before Carter opened the window for Islamic extremism to take a foothold in Iran, and now have a wider influence. Ted Kennedy spent his career contrasting JFK's sensible taxation policies by spending, spending spending; an unsustainable economic strategy whose inevitable financial failure remains lost on today's left. RFK Jr. is nuts on the environment, leaving the practical in the dust bin as he pushes for currently expensive, large, and non-workable solutions to marginal problems. And so on with one Kennedy after another. The one exception seemed to be JFK Jr. who entered into the world of entrepreneurship with his magazine George, spoke with the caution of a thinking man, and died too soon to be fully realized as public figure.

No, I believe that the real embarrassment for the Kennedy's is not the salacious sexual material which could come out, it is that when a Kennedy did achieve old Joe Kennedy's dream of having one of his progeny residing in the White House that kid acted responsibly. JFK did not get everything right, but he understood his position and acted like a grown up as he tried his best to do the best for the country. And that is a lesson our current President is grudgingly learning. It is no mistake that Obama has had to abandon one after another of his campaign positions and has in fact kept so many of the policies of his predecessor; he has done so because his pie-in-the-sky ideas don't work in the real world, and the things for which he criticized George W. Bush do work, or at least are the best options for now. And, such is the state of affairs when the curtain is pulled back and the wizard exposed, bluster and obfuscation hide the failure of poorly crafted idealism only so long, there comes a time for the great and powerful to actually do something and the Kennedy myth factory is not ready to allow the showing The Kennedys because then they would have to admit that JFK was not really one of them.

Now, since they still have enough influence to prevent the History Channel et al from showing what they fear us knowing; where is the Julian Assange type who will steal the movie/mini-series and publish it on the net for all to see?

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